by: DontGiveA.Com 3D Studios

Welcome to VRGAZER.COM
Virtual reality is the main focus of our operations.
From the simple and easy VR set-up using ONLY a head tilt and gaze, to the full rig that immerses into it with actual controls.
To make our VRGAZER.COM accessible to everyone, the simplest interaction to Virtual Reality is used.
with a VR control called GAZE, users just gaze on a button to interact with it.

**examples coming soon**

Visit www.VRGazer.Com often to see multitudes of VR demonstrations that use or offer projects to work on yourself.


We offer full-service web design, domain sales, game and APP design.
We understand your needs and we will do the best job to satisfy the biggest critic of all.
Do not hesitate to contact us.

DontGiveA.Com 3D STUDIO, made in USA

You can also contact us by phone 415.955.7033 or email webmaster@dontgivea.com , or you can send us a message.

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